This holiday, 88 is spreading love and fighting hunger.

For our 88 Regifting effort this year, 88 Brand Partners is helping the new mutual aid group, The Love Fridge, keep some of their refrigerators across Chicago well stocked during the challenging winter months. Anyone in need is welcome to help themselves to nutritious food at The Love Fridge’s public, community-sustained refrigerators.

Here you’ll find updates on our ongoing efforts to support The Love Fridge and fight hunger in our communities.

And to learn how you can support The Love Fridge, visit:

What is Regifting?

Each holiday season our team engages in an 88 Regifting program, which focuses our passions and talents on supporting organizations that are making a difference within our community. Regifting draws its inspiration from 88’s clients, who entrust our team to do good work on their behalf, year after year.

Jessie Friesen outside of the Carniceria La Mejor Fridge.

Elizabeth Paterson restocking the Dirt Farms Fridge.

Andy Yamashiro successfully inspects and cleans the Carniceria La Mejor Fridge.

Terry Boyd restocking the Honey Love Fridge.

Joe Popa cleaning and restocking the Dirt Farms Fridge.

Barb Jurgens readies a dropoff to the Honey Love Fridge.